Mina the Hollower art contest results

PHEW! We've finally judged all of the FANTASTIC entries! As always, we're blown away by our community's amazing talent. Thank you for your patience, let's hop into what you've all been waiting for....

PHEW! We've finally judged every single FANTASTIC entry- we received WHOPPING 130+ entries!! As always, we're blown away by our community's amazing talent. Though the judging took more time than expected, we’re grateful for your patience during the process.


Third Place

Chris Bak

We encourage everyone to watch this animation over and over like we did. Even on the 10th rewatch we were surprised to find new details and specific references to Mina’s world. We love how well this brings the world of Mina to life and gives an insight into her long lost past. There’s considerable effort put into this animation and we are so thankful, Chris! Well done! Congratulations on winning the $100 Kickstarter Backer Tier Reward!

Second Place

Jerome Patrick F. Jacinto

What an incredible take on Mina- this illustration and so many like it are opening our eyes to how you all are interpreting our little character and we are loving what we see. The composition and tone along with all the details make this piece shine out. We love zooming in and absorbing everything, even down to the texture of the strokes. Way to show em how it’s done, Jerome! Congrats on winning the $250 Kickstarter Backer Tier Reward!

First Place

Level with Us

This amazing entry combines music, sound design, acting, poetry, illustration and a bit of animation all together to create a wonderfully immersive piece of art. We were captivated the whole time listening to it and encourage everyone to to take a few minutes from their day and give it a listen! …right now… Go on, we’ll wait….Ok you are back? Wasn’t it cool!? Congratulations to the whole team at “Level with Us”! Congratulations on winning the $500 Kickstarter Backer Tier Reward!

Runners Up

We had SUCH a hard time deciding on the winners and there was lots of debate in deciding the top 3. So much so that we extended the prize pool a bit. These runners up will get the digital rewards from the $75 tier. These are listed in no particular order and we are excited to share these with you.


We loved how you expanded upon Minas world! The details were really great. We had fun zooming in and looking at the book. We hope her nap is restful in the Underlab!

Alexandra Bisson

We loved how many characters were shown! Every enemy has his own take, look how buff Midden looks! We loved the composition & elements included! The angle can be really difficult so great job! Super cool!

Clementine Werchola

Highly imaginative and so soulful! Has a wistful late-70s sound, bringing your inner Frank Zappa and Queen into a new, original style. Your usage of mellotron ("tape orchestra") is beautiful and haunting, and the lyrics and vocal performance are full of life and emotion!

Dimitri Sophinos

The execution with of the core mechanics was really fun and using the whip to change the trajectory was a nice touch! The team’s current high score is 5200!!! Who thinks they can beat that?

Jacob Ovrick

Mina looks like right out of a TV show! You represented many facets of the game and it was amazing! Very professional, and such a joy to look at!

Nadir Morandi

The fact that you only used 4 or 5 colors for the whole piece is amazing! We love how its rendered! It is so fun to look at! All the details were well thought out especially the skulls, the frog playing the washboard, Nox’s Beast, Mina, and Thorne! We had so much fun discovering new details as we zoomed in on the piece! The composition looked awesome. Side Note: We liked that you included Midden’s fly! I spy a familiar shadow leaping in the background… who could that be???

Honorable Mentions

Like we said before, judging these entries was hard. The honorable mentions below represent some excellent examples of effort and artistic ability that we are excited to share with you. Check em out!


WHOA we love the perspective (the angle is super hard to draw!) The entire piece is a technical A++!We especially loved the attention to detail with the Skulker, the bones in the ground, and how Mina looked so focused on her battle!

Daniel Roman

All of the cohesive elements blended together well! We really enjoyed admiring the texture and color of this piece! The in-game sprites in the background reminded us of an old video game ad.

David Alizo

Excellent animation! We really loved the attention to detail. The poses look amazing! Great mood, great lighting, great job!

If folks want to watch it too, check out their Twitter post.


This is what Mina would have sounded like as a PS1 game with a CD soundtrack! Excellent recreation of the Crypt track in a "maxed out" form. Awesome arrangement and playing. Your mixing is worth special mention, too; Symphonic metal is hard to produce, and you did a great job of making everything stand out while fitting together.

Ian Boly

First off, fantastic composition! Your attention to detail was phenomenal!!! We really enjoyed zooming in and admiring your shading and use of color. The castle is depicted so stylishly! This was great! Side Note: Mina looks great in your art style!

Jeremy Chung

What a cute cartoon style! We loved that you included a bunch of enemies. The details were really fun and we enjoyed admiring the entire piece. The Puntendo Game Boi reference was great! Great work!

Jess Spectre

We loved the creative medium! The likeness was spot on and she looks so cool! We enjoyed seeing the background composed of real life elements! The effort was really impressive with this piece. Great job presenting movement with the whip!


This truly looks like something you would buy on a store shelf at Toys R US! We loved the rating and Game Boy details (you even found the correct font!) We enjoyed how much you represented on the cover! The whip, the mood, the burrow, Thorne, and the city! The texture makes it look printed! We zoomed in and admired the entire piece! Great job. Clearly a bunch of thought went into it! Side Note: You also used our correct logo! Great job, we wish it was real!

Magnus Nystrom

We were impressed with the entire entry! The hand sculpted medium and attention to detail stood out! Even the paint work on the miniature looks professional! The purple lighting was a great touch too! Fantastic work!

Mattia "Hondrus" Martell

We loved so many aspects of this entry. The base, grass, and gravel looked so realistic! We loved gazing at this! This piece is very worthy of being proud of.


First off, the lighting was amazing. The texture of mina is great. Her proportions are really cute. The entire scene is spooky and atmospheric. Great artistic choices, the whole piece translated really well! We loved the organization of this piece! Great work.

Nathan Davis

THE LEGO BRICKS ARE SO COOL! We are big Lego fans and thoroughly enjoyed admiring this entry! It was such a creative endeavor! The details were really cool to look at! Specially the spider and Underlab! Side note: I am typing this in real time and we are blown away by your video. SHE BURROWS?! THIS IS SO COOL! Thanks for sending over the video! It blew us away!

Neo Yi

We loved that you made Mina the Hollower into a comic strip. All the panels were really neat and fun to look at! It was cool snippet showing the adventure she is going to face! We also loved your use of color in the piece! The background was really well done!! Great use of mixed mediums!


What a rat-tastic crew! We like your OCs, they look like they would fit right in on Tenebrous Isle! They are invited to tour the Hollower guild anytime! We loved that you included all the characters! The Bonehead jaw detaching was awesome! We loved the movement in this piece! Great work!

Team Sora

Whoa! Belle looks super cool! We really like her bone scythe! Reuniting her with her head sounds like an awesome adventure. We really enjoyed reading through all of your cool directions. We loved all the details! Thank you for sharing your cool ideas in your entry.


What an action packed animation! We loved her moves! Using the bolder toss was really unique and awesome touch! We genuinely enjoyed watching the loop! Thank you for sharing it with us!


Wow! Super cool animation! We loved her attack set! It looks like she is ready to kick some butt! We love the usage of repeat blurs to keep the Nightstar on model! Great job!

All Entries

ALL of the entries were so good!!! Keep scrolling to see all the entries and read all the praise we lavished on each one:


She looks so cute and inquisitive! We are impressed with your attention to detail! She is on model. Great job!

Adam Gouveia

What an neat style! We loved that you represented a ton of the game’s elements in the piece! (The crypt in the background was a nice touch!) Our colleagues really enjoyed the medium! Using ink stood out to all of us!

Rawr "Ruby" Lolygon

Oh whoa! The lighting is really cool! The inclusion of the mysterious hatted figure is spooktacular! The mixed media is really unique! Great job

Grifondoro Griffindor

We loved your use of color pencils! The action is really nice, the lighting is good! P.S. the buckle on the hat was really well done!


The model texture is super cool! She looks like she is made of clay! Great material rendered. We also really liked your attention to detail for her proportions. It matches the sprite character sprite!

Alexander Omar Plascencia

Good effort! We loved the dramatic tone set by the background! It is a great depiction of Mina facing off against Thorne! We wonder who will win!!!!

Alexis Isai Speroni

Whoa, cool action pose! It is very dynamic! She looks ready to take on the world! Great job.

Allan Phan

We love how cohesive your drawing is! We think you did a great job on the foreground! The action is super fun (especially the dynamic smearing of the whip!) Including the Volt Hatchet was a great addition! You rendered it well. Mina is kicking so much that Brittle Beak did not know what hit em!

Anna Eggert

We loved the use of markers for this piece’s medium! The colors look great! The composition and posing was on point. The attention to detail with the lighting impressed us! Great job!

Anthony Rasmussen

Mina looks sassy! We like your different stylistic take on Mina! The texture on the moon is also really cool!


We loved how this piece was thematically on brand for Mina the Hollower & Shovel Knight. It was cool that you took into account that she is a new IP on a brand new adventure! The crow also looks dope! Great job! P.S. We also really liked your calligraphy!


Whoa what a dynamic pose - very reminiscent of classic comic style! Her expression looks very determined. We love the movement on the whip. Great line work!

Asah Long

This is super cool! The foreboding glowing eyes coming from the cave! Wonder who she is gonna face! We loved how you rendered the 3D piece!

Ataru Jimba

We love her posing! The rendering looks really cool! Great shot of mina standing in the night.

Bailey Sessions

We really like how she is depicted jumping out of the ground! The foreground blurring is really neat!

Side note: This image makes us think about all the holes she leaves (woops!)

Brian Emling

All the details make this piece FANTASTIC! Its graphical & iconic! Yacht R US is HILARIOUS! The looming thorne is really cool!

Chase Reynard

We love how cute the style is! It looks like a kid show! The shapes are really fun and Mina looks like she is having a good time. The Goober does not look like he is having fun!

Cameron (Cammi) Melendez

  • Entry 1 - Your art style is adorable. We loved all the little details you included (like all of the book titles!) We also looooved your use of color! Also, we really enjoyed Mina's expression! She looks great.

  • Entry 2 - We love the cross over (they make the perfect pair!!!) It makes us want to put Mina in Showdown! Great job!


Mina in in quite the predicament as Nox’s Beast is a formidable foe. The mood is excellent! The atmosphere is intense. Super creepy! We hope we can capture this mood in the final game!

Christopher R Wiersum

  • Entry 1 - Mina looks ready for whatever is coming!

  • Entry 2 - She looks so happy! She has the bones! We like her expression!

Entry 3 - Mina looks like she's in quite the predicament! We loved your use of shadows and composition

Chuck Forrester

  • Entry 1 - Unfortunately, our website isn't populating the gif so here is a still image of it! We loved the dance! Its great seeing our sprites in the real world! We've got your perler bead Thorne in the hall of fame!

  • Entry 2 - The comic was super cute! You did a great job capturing what Mina would do in her free time. We hope Mina catches something RARE while fishing! Watch out for that snake!

Collin Lavoy Davis

Her expression looks very curious! We are wondering what she is up to in her Underlab! She should take out the trash…once she gets the chance (its looking a little full!) Great job!

Corentin Gaspoz

What a unique nostalgic pixel art piece! It reminds us of consoles of yesteryear and we love it! This is probably what Mina would look like on an old CRT. Great job.

Damon Springer

  • Entry 1 - What a cool vignette! The texture is really nice! We loved seeing Mina taking action with multiple weapons! We also wanted to point out how cool the lighting looks in the piece!

  • Entry 2 - The composition is so cool! We like her face, it is rendered well. The shape of the piece is also well contained. (It reminds us of a character watch.) Well done.

Darryl Flood

We love to see mixed media in entries!!! This cut out piece was a joy to look at. We loved that you used different textures and items to depict Mina! The necklace whip was a pretty sweet touch! Your attention to detail was great!

Davin Finney

Oh wow, this is so cool!! It reminded us of a Super Smash Trophy! You did a great job with the model and attention to detail.

Dirk Heezen

Minas teeth look cool! We really like how you put your own spin on to her design. We love the use of color in your piece! Watercolor as a medium was a nice touch! Mina better watch out for those mean ol green monsters!

Donald Carling

It is great to have you back! The effects look SUUUUPER cool! It really brings the character to life. Seeing the poor little shock trooper yanked around is sad! Minas hammer looks cool! The Nox’s Beast looks more terrifying than ever!

Dyson Yobb

What a cool mid-action pose! We loved the perspective! (It looks like a cool comic book cover!) We also liked that it mimics the games perspective! The Necromancer & Skeleton Warriors were a cool addition too!

Eduardo de Sousa Silveira

We love this! She is showing off her cool dance moves. It was such a cute scene! It makes us want to get up and dance too! We also loved that you fully realized the small frog and his friends!

Elian Rhind

How studious! We love how inventive this scene was! What an awesome unconventional way to make a hammock!

Erbi San

We loved your attention to detail in this piece! It is cool to see Mina lording over her kills! (The crying skull was a nice touch haha.) The coat was rendered well! Good job! It was an interesting piece to look at!

Eric Crowley

What a cool ominous scene! (Also, whoa #1 issue! We hope its a 1st edition too!) We love the boarder and Shovel Knight call out! It is great to see Thorne integrated in the background ! Mina is ready for whatever Thorne will throw at her! Great job!

Erika Irene Magowan

Super cute! We like your OC, the design has a great use of color! We can see this character teaming up with Mina! Nice color scheme! We like the details! We also love her sick sword!

Erin Bailey

Mina is whipping around the whip! She is ready for action! Super cool.

Erin Slawson

We LOVED THIS! The faces are really cute! We also enjoyed that shes wearing her cloak. She did a really good job at making the creepy tower in the corner! Keep being awesome, Erin!

Glenn Brooks

We love the proportions, the style, Shovel Knights inclusion, everything!!. This vision of Mina is really cool! Great job!

Gonzalo Landeros Valerdi

Great groove, and clean production! This track would actually work very well as real game music, as it is varied and playful, but also steady enough to accompany an actual training course level. And you will always get bonus points for orchestra hits.

Graham Richardson

We love the idea! The prequal plot sounds so cool, good job. The Game Boy pallet was a nice touch!

Greg Miller

What a great composition! The shards of glass were are great devise to show off different character art! We love the faces! Great angles! Your drawings are very on model. The framing devices are dynamic and cool!

Guilherme Rodrigues Nogueira de Souza

We loved your inclusion of multiple characters! We like how its composed in a circle. We also really like the Dukes expression and Minas attitude! Your effort is appreciated!!!!

Masculine Shiver

We loved the weapon exchange! What a cool crossover! It looks really fun. Maybe Mina and Shovel Knight will meet in a Kart racer in the future!

Hugo Milan

It is cool seeing Mina contorted as she is whipping the camera right in the face! The colors are spot on. The flow is really nice for all of it! Good job!

Imogen Murron

We love how ominous and scary the castle is! The Castlevania vibes are strong! The foreground is great composition (and spooky!) We loved the clouds, pose, the moon, the mansion…everything! Awesome job!

Jack Breen

What a cool GigaSword & Mina the Hollower crossover picture! The posing is really cool! We love the composition! Fun fact: Their Kickstarter launched the same day!

Jason McCormick

The whip swirling around is neat looking! We enjoyed seeing the mansion in the background. He face looks cool and is well done!


This entry is super vibrant! The texture work is really great (her fur looks super fluffy!) We love how you drew her piercing blue eyes. Great color work, we loved the contrast in this piece!

Jackson Dalton

We love the simplified style and thick lines! Her expression is constructed in a cartoon fashion and it is awesome! Proportions were well done! The color is interesting to look at too!

Jahmai Powell

We love Minas expression! She looks buff ( I wonder what her workout routine is!) She looks ready to fight and is very determined!

Jairo A. Tobon

We like how the ominous castle is in the background! Mina looks very determined! The whip whipping around is very dynamic. Great tone! Great job!

Jarod Gagnon

THIS IS EXCELLENT! The tone is spot on and the animation is very well done! (We loved the small details like: the machine looks like a mouse, the lanterns were powered by Spark energy, and her mad scientist goggles!) The background was also really well done! We noted that the gothic arches were a nice touch (and very Batman!)

Jeremy Chung

  • Entry 1 - The entire composition of the piece looks great. We loved the placement of whip and how Thorne and Baron Lionel are off in the distance. The movement in the piece was really nice! We loved it!

  • Entry 2 - Oh wow. This is fantastic! Zooming in on this piece was a delight. We enjoyed how fluffy Mina. The texture on the whip was also a really nice touch.

Jessie Estrada

We love how unsettling this piece is! The tone is spot on!

João Pedro Pereira de Aquino

The intention of this drawing is excellent! We loved the action pose! Mina spinning her Nightstar around looks super intense! The whole piece is really well done!

Jonas Crowther

Thorne looks really intimidatingly awesome! The lightening hitting the tower looked really neat too. We can’t get over Thornes attitude in this piece. Side Note: It is great to have you back for our art contest! We love seeing your work!


We can tell that a lot of effort went into the composition! Great job! It was super neat to Mina in such a dynamic pose. I wonder who her next targets are (10 bucks says its the folks looming in the darkness!)

Jose Duarte

Cool render!!!! We love your handling of textures on the different materials! Her pose and attitude are super cool! The coat was really nice too. Great job overall.

Joseph DiSabito

WHOA THIS IS SUPER! We love Guitar Hero! The base track and the lead are very complimentary and seem exciting play! (We also really liked the ending.) We wanna play it at home!

Junde Sung

What a dynamic pose! We really liked how vibrant all the colors are in this piece! The expression and eye details were nice too!

Juno Tourgeman

We love the valentine!!!! It is such a cute rendition of Mina! Her wink, pose, and smile are great!


It is cool seeing 3D versions Mina of our pixel art! It is super cute! We love how well the sprites transferred to 3D. We now want coins and/or coasters of her! Side note: The painted version looked awesome too. Its pretty cool seeing fan art of fan art.

Kevin Dao Tri

We love the diverse line up of characters! Everyone looks so intense. We like your use in shading and all of the characters expressions. Your OC looks cool too! The rendering is great! Good job!

Kevin Marino

What a high stakes piece! We liked how it is fully pixel art! Adding the Wisp was a super cool touch! We love seeing an aspiring pixel artist take on a huge challenge! Great use of colors! Awesome job!

Kit Platt

Awwww they both look so cozy! Reading with some tea in the Underlab sounds like a great way to spend an evening! We like the attention to detail in this piece!

Maksim Samogordsky

We love the render! The shading looks incredible. Her posing, proportions, and shape are great too. We thoroughly enjoyed your seeing Mina in your style! Great job using traditional media!


It is cute to see Mina working out! The detail on the ground is nice. It must be really hard to be a Hollower, we are glad Mina is preparing with some exercise.

Mathew Vinicio Valle

Mina looks intense! We love seeing all the rubble of her defeated enemies behind her! The fisheye composition looks awesome. Great job with use of colors! Her pose looks nice! The frame of her whip looks great. Overall, great job!

Matteo Pasquariello

Mina looks so cute! We love how cute she looks in a realistic style! Definitely the most mouse-sh entry! We want to pet her and feed her carrots! Great use of color and attention to detail! Good job!

Michael Walker

Nice GIF! We love how it is a breathing illustration! Great contrast throughout the piece! Your use of color and illustration quality was a joy to look at! Thorne is going down!

Miguel Angel Lozoya-McHenry

What a cool DS render of the game! We think it looks super good! We like the little dirt mound she is emerging from! We appreciate the pixel art boat in the background. We wish we could play it on our hand held!

Miika Saunavaara

What an awesome diagram! We loved the attention to detail with the steam poof! The caricatures are super cool too! It is an excellent rendition of Mina world!

Millie Spence

This is so cool! We like Minas pose and attitude a lot. The elements are really strong! The angled composition makes it very dynamic! The Nightstar looks more deadly than ever.

Mohaly Edouard

We love this piece’s tone! The ominous lighting is super cool. We wonder what kind of baddies are hiding in the deep dank under crypt.


Nice use of lighting! Her face looks really cool! Her attitude is on point. Fits the character well.

Nathan Rusconi

We are impressed, this looks so REAL! We are huge Game Boy fans so it was really fun to zoom in and see all the details! Great job rendering out what a real Game Boy Color game would look like!

Nero Mercado

Whoa a crossover with Mickey and Mina! The crossover potential is boundless! Nice use of shading! Great job!

Orion Winchester

Whoa! Gigantic Sunflower! She is looking super comfy We hope she gets a great nap! We loved your vibrant use of color!

Oskari Lehto

We love your art style! The posing looks so good! The low-poly design looks AMAZING! It reminds us of some of our favorite consoles from yesteryear!

Pablo Ortigosa Quevedo

We played the demo and it was SO COOL. We absolutely enjoyed exploring the game in a new way. Seeing Minas world intertwined with Links was a real treat!

Petteri Holm

This piece reminds us of Gotham! Mina and Thorne are battling dynamically and it looks great! We also loved the background/cityscape! Great job!

Phaedra M. Hageman

Great dynamic poses! Thornes defense is great but Minas Nightstar is mightier! We love the texture and lighting! Mina looks so fuzzy!

Philip Douzat

WE LOVE THIS! Great job! We love your use of color. The pose is excellent, it is on model. Great take on mina. We love the use of the color, it is really fun and exciting to look at the entire piece has a nice texture to it!

Rhys Kelly

This piece is so cute! We like all the animals hanging out together and having a jam sesh! Mina looks abstract and really cool!


Minas tea time looks super relaxing! We love the OC! They look like theyd fit into the world well! Great use of lighting!

Robert Davey

We love the medium! You did a great job! There are so many cool details like the portraits, the cheese, the bottle, the books, Nightstar on the shelf! Its cool to see Shovel Knight visiting! Wonder what adventure they will be up to next! Great effort!

Rosseen Glimmer

Cool running pose! We liked your use of shadow! The pose is dynamic! We wonder what she is running away from!

Ryan Whitaker

The GIF is so cool! You did an awesome job. We also really enjoyed your use of color. Great job pixeling this piece!

Samuel Sebastian Cruz Davila

Its so cute that the Wisp is bringing the spider along! What a fun montage of kooky characters! We love the detail Bloatneck’s hands! All of the elements were really fun to look at! We also like how you added the tentacle under the dress. Such a cool scene!

Scott Fraser

The Goopers look so spooky! We loved the detail in their eyes! The moon peaking out behind the Nightstar was a nice touch. Great job with the lighting and dynamic pose!

Sean Jenne

We love the emotion behind this piece! You can feel her desperation while reaching for her spark orb! We liked Thone and Lionel in the background was a really ominous addition! Great job!

Sean Kaeppel

This is adorable! We love how cute she is! We love how lore inclusive this piece was!

For anyone curious, here is that Sean included in their entry:

"Researching how to enhance Spark technology is difficult, and for that reason, Mina tends to put in long hours of reading about past forms of energy collection. Her goal is to fine-tune her own method of Spark technology to better serve the world. She truly is strong willed and determined, but even a mouse must sleep at some point."


We loved the attention to detail! The plant monster and ferns look awesome! We also loved the pen & ink detail! It looks like a cool battle scene! It was a really fun piece that we enjoyed looking at it! Also OMG the plant has a uvula!

Steven Colyer

Whoa cool origami! We love that you can definitely tell that it is Mina! Great job staging this piece! We loved the presentation!

Taylor Jess

Cool portrait! It would be very fitting for some currency!

Teemu Kurkela

We loved the composition in this piece! She is looking very studious - book in hand. The lighting was very well done. The shadow behind her looks great.

Tenner Bradley

  • Entry 1 - WHOAAAA! What a creepy lava beast! The details are really fun! We enjoyed zooming in and discovering a bunch of things! The people in the eyes, the maggots coming out of the goo, and the skeleton with the wheel barrel!)

  • Entry 2 - Sailor Minnaaaaaaaa! This was a treat! We loved seeing her as a magical girl.

  • Entry 3 - What a cute shot! We really enjoyed seeing our favorite spooky guy have a different expression!

  • Entry 4 - We love it! She is ready to go dungeon diving with her arsenal of weapons!

  • Entry 5 - Super cute and all the details were super fun! We had a fun time reading through all the book titles!

  • Entry 6 - Minas looking pretty comfy while chilling on the couch! Your drawing inspired a long conversation on animal headphone.

Teo Žokvić

Air surfing looks so rad! She looks like she is having a blast. We love her kind expression. We love the creature and the interaction! We love the layering with the clouds! Cool piece!

Theodore Eyre Davis

She looks very defiant! Something very serious is about to happen. Cool use of color!

Troy Knott

She looks so cute hanging in her Underlab playing Game Boy! We wonder what games she likes! Bonus points for Warrio & Mario game boy games! We liked the pattern on the floor too! Good work!


Cool composition! We like how it looks like a comic! The characters are looking super badass! It is great to see everyone represented!

Ty Gulgin

WOW! Everything is so sharp and dynamic! We really like your art style! Great job redrawing Minas logo!

Valentin Danel

Mina is blasting on the scene and everyone is taking notice! The composition is really cool! Great attention to detail and rendering the characters! Poppits appearance was appreciated! Alec (Mina the Hollowers Director) felt nostalgic looking at it! We zoomed in and inspecting the details! Great job!

Yalim Bagci

This looks like a scene out of the game! Color use is nice! That poor Skulker is getting slammed in that face! We love it! We really enjoyed the Wisp being there too! Good job!

Yama Hareb

Mina looks great! We love the posing! The bats coming out are pretty cool! We like the action in this piece! She looks like she is going to take down some baddies while looking real cute!

Yousif Abdullah

Whoa! Look out Mina! We love how the Nox’s Beast is emerging out of the water! We really like the lighting and the mood of the piece!

Zuri Lee

This creepy mysterious figure looks so cool! The composition and action are fun to look at! We like how the art extends past the end of the canvas. Awesome work!

That's all of the entries!

Phew! That was a lot of entries! We hope you had fun perusing all the fantastic pieces! A huge thank you to the participants! It was an absolute joy looking at your work!

If you want more Mina the Hollower fun, check out our Kickstarter updates and Pledge Box page!