Mina The Hollower Developer Stream: Sneak Peek Event

We’re hosting a very special sneak peek into our backer-only Developer Live Streams this Friday at 1pm on Twitch!

With our PledgeBox campaign for Mina the Hollower coming to a close on April 10th, we’ve decided to hold a very special sneak peek into our backer-only Developer Live Streams! The event will be held on April 8th at 1pm PST on our Twitch channel, Twitch.tv/YachtClubGames.

You might be asking yourself, “What is a Developer Live Stream?” It is an interactive live stream that exhibits what goes on behind the game development curtain. We operate the same as when we hold our internal design meetings so, you’ll get a first-hand look on how ideas are cultivated and implemented into a game. We made this available as a reward tier for our original Shovel Knight Kickstarter as well as for our Mina the Hollower campaign (starting at the $75 dollar tier)! 

For this special sneak peek (as well as the backer-only ones moving forward), we’ll be chatting with you just as if you are in the room with us! You are more than welcome to participate (vote on ideas, make suggestions, etc.) or be a fly on the wall.

DURING the live stream, you are more than welcome to share your concepts/sketches/reference material for original ideas via our official Yacht Club Games Discord. We have made a special channel titled "Developer Sneak Peek" for the event! Our Moderators will be combing through the channel and feeding any sketches, concepts and visual reference material participants provide to our developers on stream.

Click here to join our Official Discord!

The design topic for discussion during the stream will be the theming of an ALL NEW game area, including enemies, objects, and more! You do not need to do anything to prepare (just bring your thinking cap!) The entire team is excited to share Mina’s development process with you. We hope you join us on Friday!

See you there, Hollowers!


What makes the Developer Streams special?

What will we be going over in the stream and how do I prepare?

Is this stream available to everybody (backers & non-backers)?

What Kickstarter / Pledge Box tier do you have to be to qualify for Developer Streams moving forward?

When will (qualifying) backer-only streams begin?

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