Mina the Hollower Kickstarter: 24hr Live Stream Spectacular!

This is it- the last day of the Mina the Hollower Kickstarter campaign. It’s been quite the journey hasn’t it? To celebrate and ring in the new Year of the Hollower, we are going all in on a 24 hour live stream.

It’s the final day, Hollower-heads!

What’s up, fur fighters! Today’s the day! Now is the time! The Kickstarter campaign's final 24 hours are about to begin and we hope you are ready! To celebrate, we hope you’ll join us in a marathon stream with special guests, exciting games, hot sauce, and wild delirium! We’ve shored up the schedule somewhat and there are some changes!  Check out the full agenda below!

Click here to visit our LIVE STREAM!

24 hour stream

Start Time: March 2nd at 3pm PT

We've invited a ton of our friends who are going to show up throughout the day (and night!). Some over Discord, some in person. Make sure to check in throughout the 24 hours to see what’s happening!

In addition to game playing time & friendo hangouts, we'll have some spontaneous events:

  • Every $1000 raised we'll spin the wheel of hot sauce! (Poor WOZ!)

  • We'll give away Mina tiers & game keys (so be on your best behavior!)

Its going to be a blast!!!

Here's a list of what games we are playing and who will be stopping by:

3PM - Shovel of Hope - Danny Peña (Host of Gamertag Radio & Games Editorial Lead at G4)

4PM - Shovel of Hope - Bob Wulff (YouTuber, Wulff Den)

5:15PM - Plague of Shadows - Adam Cohen (Obsidian Entertainment)

6:00 pm - Plague of Shadows - Maddie & James (Brace Yourself Games)

7:00 pm - Cyber Shadow - Aizu-san & Andrew (Inti Creates)

7:30 pm - Plague of Shadows - Jirard the Completionist

8:00 pm - Specter of Torment - Barry Is Streaming & Jirard the Completionist

9:00 pm - River City GIrls - Bannon (Wayforward) & Jirard the Completionist

10:00 pm - Specter of Torment 

11:00 pm - Specter of Torment

12:00 am - King of Cards & Vote on Tic Boxes for Zelda 2 Randomizer

1:00 am - King of Cards

2AM Late night Zelda II Randomizer Extravaganza!

Sean, director here at the studio, is a huge fan of Zelda 2 and has bravely offered himself as tribute to play through the Legend of Zelda 2 Randomizer. Will he finish? Will he ever find that candle? Will he play as hoodie link??? You get to decide what variables we set! Voting will start at 12am during Specter of Torment.

LATE night Cameo Explosion with friends. 

We have developer friends from around the world and fortunately for them, 4 am our time, is mid-afternoon for them! The energy will be high even in the wee hours of the night as we play their games.

2:00 am - Free Play Zelda 2 Randomizer

3:00 am - Free Play Zelda 2 Randomizer - Jonathan Holmes (Destructoid)

4:00 am - Yooka Laylee - Gavin (Playtonic Games)

5:00 am - King of Cards 

6:00 am - Cyber Shadow - Enrique Martin (Cyber Shadow Composer)

7:00 am - Crash 4 & Double Dragon Neon

8:00 am - A Hat in Time - Sara & Jonas (Gears for Breakfast)

AHHH it is already morning! Its time for more games! Here are our guests:

9:00 am - Shovel Knight Dig Demo & Bombchicken - Jon & Roman (Nitrome)

10:00 am - Sea of Stars - Philip (Sabotage Studio)

11:00 am - Panzer Paladin - Jean-Francois (Tribute Games)

12:00 pm - Rivals of Aether - Dan Fornace

1:00 pm - Axiom Verge 2 - Dan Adelman 

2:00 pm - Solar Ash - Alx Preston (Heart Machine)

We're finishing out the stream with our friends at Fangamer! We're beyond thankful to have teamed up with those talented folks to produce a cornucopia of delightful rewards for Mina the Hollower's Kickstarter!

End Time: March 3rd at 3pm PT

That’s it! Shut it down. Close the shop. Pencils down. Iiiiiiiiiit’s DONE. Once the clock strikes 00:00:00 on the kickstarter it’ll be over! Like the clock striking midnight on Cinderella, we’ll shrivel up back into our less than regal selves but worry not! Post Kickstarter, we’ll have lots of things to talk about including opportunities for slacker backers and plans for those design streams from the $75 tier. This is the beginning of a long journey with you guys, not the end!

See you at the event!