Phantom Striker - Showdown Character Highlight

From the shadows, your next test emerges. Wielding both practiced skill and mysterious elemental power, he’ll strike at phantoms wherever they lie!

From the shadows, your next test emerges. Wielding both practiced skill and mysterious elemental power, he’ll strike at phantoms wherever they lie!]

Phantom Striker

Phantom Striker combines quick advancing attacks with channeled ranged projectiles which momentarily stop him in place. His attacks can be difficult to deal with if performed at the right distance.

Foil Thrust

With the tap of the attack button, you’ll lash out with a lunge! It’s fast and pulls you forward, making it great for sudden attacks and pursuit. Varying the timing will surely fluster the opponent, and a feint may even draw out a parry. Perform it three times in a row to execute a powerful final strike!

Here’s one more technique: you can change directions while performing sequential foil thrusts.

After you perform a Foil Thrust, Phantom Striker’s stance will change for a short while. This has no real effect… but it does look like the perfect stance for dueling the undead!

Foil Swipe

Press attack while in the air to let loose a sparking swipe. This attack has impressive reach, but it is slower to execute than other air attacks. Be wary and always keep your distance in mind.

Flash Trap

When a mere weapon is not enough — channel your power by holding attack and release it in a brilliant sphere of light. This projectile does not travel far, but instead remains on the battlefield for a long while.

Hold a direction to emit the Flash Trap in different directions and corner your prey.

Unlike most charge attacks, this will not take you anywhere. You will instead lock into place for a short while. Use this to your advantage by staggering your landing. You can also exert a lot of pressure by repeatedly stacking more and more traps nearby.

Strike Step

Phantom Striker is not fast on foot, so this move can really shift the odds during platforming perils. Hold down the Special button to emit a feint spark. Then release the button to teleport to its location in a flash.

Be mindful! The traveling spark is not strong enough to harm enemies, it will simply pass through them until you teleport in.

While it always travel forward horizontally, you can control the spark’s movement vertically with the up and down directions. You can even use this to teleport around ledges, and from pits.

Once the spark is active for too long, it will change colors and halt in place as a warning. You can still choose to teleport by releasing the Special, or refuse to teleport by letting it fizzle out. Choose carefully!

Phantom Shroud

Victory… defeat… these concepts are not as important as leaving your enemies with an impression. When teleporting with Strike Step, press Down and Special again to re-appear while donning your Phantom Shroud! Then press any action to cast it off and get ready to battle anew!

This move has no practical combative or defensive purposes… but again, I must stress the impression it can leave…

Bringing It All Together

Phantom Striker’s moves are rather straightforward in their combined utility. You’ll shine your brightest by mastering each and every technique. Use Flash Traps frequently to charge the field with hazards. When foes are pre-occupied or you see an opening, then strike at them with a foil attack. Strike Step crosses a wide amount of space near-instantly without harm, but you must make sure the area around Phantom Striker is clear of any danger first.

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