Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon DLC: Puzzler's Pack 1 (Early Preview)

Calling all confounded cube connoisseurs! We have some exciting news regarding Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon’s DLC…

Hey there, puzzlers! 

In our most recent Yacht Club Games Presents, we revealed that we were working on an expansive slate of DLC (3 packs) for our beloved roguelike-puzzler, Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon! With that in mind, developing a well-balanced game can be quite difficult  - especially if it’s a unique hybrid genre! So, in true Yacht Club Games fashion, we thought it would be fun to pull back the development curtain and invite you to help us make Pocket Dungeon’s DLC truly shine!

Today, we’re excited to announce that we’re releasing an Early Preview of the first Puzzler Pack on Steam! The entire DLC Pack is FREE, so you’ll only need the base game to delve into the Pocket Dungeon’s new content.


Please keep in mind that since the DLC pack is still in development, we'll be continuously adding new content and fixing bugs! Players are encouraged to share their opinions and suggestions on our Discord channel!

DLC Features Out Now

New Playable Characters:

Puzzle Knight

Everyone’s favorite puzzle prodigy is now a playable character! While on your run, you’ll be able to rotate surrounding foes clockwise to create convenient new combos!

How to Unlock Puzzle Knight: Defeat Puzzle Knight and beat the game! This can be done with any character. If you have already done this, Puzzle Knight will unlock automatically in the campsite!


Our green mini-game queen can now embark on her very own Pocket Dungeon adventure! Utilize her awesome alchemist abilities by exploding nearby potions. Chain them to get more bang for your buck!

How to Unlock Mona: Beat the game and earn the “true ending” as Plague Knight!  If you have already done this, Mona will unlock automatically in the campsite!

New Areas to Explore:

Hedge Farm

An earthy plot of land has appeared in the Pocket Dungeon! Ready that green thumb of yours, the wholesome Hedge Farmer needs some agricultural assistance!

How to Unlock the Hedge Farm: Beat the game and get the “true ending”! This can be done with any character. If you have already done this, the area will unlock automatically.

Castle Quandary

Uncover a brand new secret quest in the Pocket Dungeon! Scale a colossal beanstalk to discover a confounding castle nestled in the clouds!
How to Unlock Castle Quandary: It’s a secret to everybody....except maybe the Hedge Farmer. If you help him, he might reveal some sweet secrets!

New Quests

Quandary Runs

Once you’ve reached Castle Quandary, you’ll unlock 4 special quests for each playable character! 

Note: Advanced Mode and Wacky Challenge are not yet available.

  • Advanced Mode: Original quest receives new enemies/mini-bosses/items/relics/and more!

  • Refract Ability Challenge: Play with an all-new ability set with the player.

  • Character Challenge: Master new modifiers to spice up your adventure!

  • Wacky Challenge: Original quest but a wild new modifier is stacked on every stage.

Refract and Character Challenges are playable with:

Shovel Knight:

  • “Throwback” Character Challenge: Stages are shorter and have a boss fight at the end!

  • “Shovel Drop” Refract Challenge: Shovel Drop to deal damage and move! Defeating a foe powers up your shovel.

Specter Knight:

  • “Moonlight” Character Challenge: Every so often the moon will change phases. When it is full, Specter Knight will lose his recovery ability and transform.

  • “Scythe Slice” Refract Challenge: Slice through chained foes! (As long as there is a free spot at the end of the chain!)

Plague Knight: 

  • “Extra Toxic” Character Challenge: All monsters have increased HP in this challenge. Poison damage persists but acts slower. Foes defeated with your poison attack will not reward gems.

  • “Bomb Burst” Refract Challenge: Plague can now jump all around the field. While at full health, collect potions to store up Bomb Burst charges!

*NEW CONTENT* Mole Knight:

  • Well Buried" Character Challenge: WHOA! The board is always full in this Character Challenge! Defeat units as fast as you can. The board will collapse if you are not quick enough!

  • Claw AttackRefract Ability Challenge: Burrow around the stage and attack units from below! Tread carefully, this challenge spawns fewer potions.

*NEW CONTENT* Treasure Knight:

  • Under the WellCharacter Challenge: New units take longer to spawn but do so in full rows coming from below.

  • Anchor HookRefract Ability Challenge: Hook units towards you or anchor yourself towards the edges of the well.

Note: The in-game text provided is not final and is subject to change!

NEW Relics

Chester dug up more nifty Relics to aid you on your Pocket Dungeon adventure!

Citrus Slice: Potions heal one extra HP

Chester's Map: Increases chests found in stages from 3 to 4!

Super Skeleton Key: This is the only key you will ever need! Rumors say, other keys burst when hit with it!  Terrific!

Stick of Ram: Charging in the same direction will give you more damage! Make sure to not slow down.

Cosmic Cupcake: I hope you are hungry! Some of the spawned blocks are now cake! Each hit heals 1 HP. Heal does not stack with other Relics.

Note: The names are still tentative! They might be different in-game!

Coming Soon

Mr. Hat Shop

Whoa! A well-tailored traveler has wandered into the Pocket Dungeon. He’ll sell you various headpieces that modify your runs! There will be 20+ run modifiers to purchase!

Refract Abilities

Challenge yourself with new takes on your favorite character’s abilities! Variety is the spice of life!

Mod support

Mod support will allow players to add their own content to the game. This feature will only be for the PC version of the DLC come release. 


When will the Puzzlers Pack 1 DLC pack be available for consoles?

Do I need to own Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon to play the Early Preview DLC?

How do I give feedback on the DLC?

For any other questions, please reach out at [email protected]!

We wish everyone the best of times playing Pocket Dungeon. There are two more DLC packs on the horizon! Stay tuned for more info!