Liquid Samurai - Showdown Character Highlight

Formless and infinite, the Liquid Samurai eternally serve their queen, the Enchantress. Even if one falls, another will rise up to replace it.

Formless and infinite, the Liquid Samurai eternally serve their queen, the Enchantress. Even if one falls, another will rise up to replace it.

Liquid Samurai

Liquid Samurai is constantly shifting between forms, attacking with a variety of weapons and unusual mobility.

Samurai Sprint

Continue running in the same direction while on the ground and you’ll automatically break into a sprint. Once started, you can even maintain this higher speed while jumping and falling.

Sword Slash

Press Attack to step forward and execute a finely honed slash. It can only be performed while on the ground, so try to use it’s deceptive range to catch enemies before they can leap away.

Claw Spin

Press Attack while in the air, and Liquid Samurai’s weapon suddenly forms a dual set of claws before leaping forward in a spiraling strike.

The spin’s start rises for a little extra height and you’ll even bounce again after hitting an opponent, so you can consider this as a low double jump. The sudden change in momentum is useful for disorienting and confounding your opponent. Be careful, however, this move is vulnerable to counterattacks.

Arrow Shot

Hold Attack to charge, then release. In an instant, the weapon in Liquid Samurai’s hand will form into a bow and arrow. This attack always fires two arrow shots, which can be useful for preventing an enemy’s escape.

Performing this attack in the air will lock you into place before firing, so you needn’t worry about leading your shots based on your own falling momentum.

Leap Shot

An advanced technique. Perform Arrow Shot while holding Up to leap into the air with your bow at the ready. Once you’re confident in your mark, press Attack again to release a volley of shots!

You do not need to fire any arrows during a leap, instead using the maneuver as an evasive long jump. If you hold Forward and Up, you’ll leap forward instead.

Blob Form

There are many times where a Liquid Samurai is best unseen. Press Special to morph into and out of the form of a blob. While in this form, your movement speed, height. and jump height change, so make sure to get comfortable with your blobby self.

With proper timing, you can even pass under projectiles and through opponents.

Blob Rise and Dive

Hold Up and press Special to zip towards the ceiling! You can hold left and right to change your trajectory slightly, mid-rise. While on the ceiling, you can continue moving about to spy on your enemy and move into place for a surprise attack.

You can only remain there for a short amount of time. If you feel yourself start to shake, hurry and hop off on your own terms. You are also limited to a single Blob Rise before needing to settle on a solid floor.

Reaching the floor again is just as easy as getting to ceiling. Hold Down and press Special to quickly shoot downward.

Not all arenas have ceilings, however. What is a sneaky samurai to do? Imagine that there is something far above us all, that sees and records our every move, let’s call it…a “HUD”.

Ah ha! In a pinch, you can rise and attach yourself this all-knowing abstraction.

Don’t forget this important lesson! You do not need to be in blob form to begin a Blob Rise or Blob Dive. If you perform it while in the form of a human, you’ll transform and then zip, all in one smooth motion.

Bringing It All Together

Liquid Samurai has a wide array of weapons and forms, but it can require a great deal of discipline and practice to use them effectively. Many of his attacks alter and shift about in unique ways. With mastery, you too will flow like water.

A simple habit to begin practicing is using Blob Spring into Sword Slash. The momentum of the run combined with the step-in will make for a very far reaching, blinding cut.

Despite appearing as significant stance change, blob form is more fluid than you may think. You do not need to manually switch back before beginning an attack. Try using different moves out of blob form.

You have many tools to keep yourself from falling into a pit. Claw Spin gains some slight height, Leap allows you to cross long distances, and Zip allows you to retreat upwards at almost any moment. Keep all of these skills ready and you will provide an unyielding defense for your queen.

This bring us to the end of our training together. You have done well to make it this far! We advise reviewing additional character highlights in preparation for the inescapable and infinite battles which lie ahead.