What’s it like working here?

At Yacht Club Games, we love making games and brands that aren’t just great, but celebrate what we love about games in the first place! We dream big, we take on a lot, and sometimes we go overboard, but we always strive to rise to the occasion.

We’re a design-first company, which means we try to design every aspect of what we create—from our games, to our company culture, marketing, branding, merchandise, trailers...everything!
We expect a lot out of everyone here, and we take everyone’s input very seriously!

We develop our games based on concrete design beacons agreed upon by the team. All team members are free to contribute to any meeting or aspect of the company they’re interested in. Sometimes this level of democracy can slow the development process, but we feel it’s a necessary part of our commitment to quality.

We’re proudly independent, and are careful to own everything we do. Only we decide when our games come out, and how they’re presented to our audience. We don’t mandate crunch and we prioritize the well-being of our team. Most of all, we have fun and enjoy each other’s company while we make the best games and brands that we can. Ones which will hopefully last forever.

Current Vacancies

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Yacht Club Games is looking to lovingly maintain and update our debut title, Shovel Knight, as well as prepare for all new games in the future! We’re a small team but maybe you can become the newest member of the Y.C. crew! If you would like to still give it a shot, feel like you have something to offer we don’t know we need, or are interested in us keeping you in mind when positions become available, send us your resume below!

You can also contact us through our careers email

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Interview Process

We aim to have our processes be as transparent and inclusive as possible. To do that, we have outlined our interview process so you can be aware of what to expect.

Design Process

This in-depth 5 part article takes a deep dive look into the design process we took when building the levels for Shovel Knight Specter of Torment