Mona - Showdown Character Highlight

Hit the books and harness alchemical mysteries with the potion-brewing alchemist.

Hit the books and harness alchemical mysteries with the potion-brewing alchemist.


Mona is a technical character who excels at mid-range combat. Swiftly maneuver with explosive bursts to find different points of attack. Fluster an enemy by peppering them with all kinds of different potions, or blast everyone off the battlefield with a well-timed big explosion!

Cipher Slash

Harness alchemical mysteries to attack from mid-range. The aerial version attacks downward, which makes it great for dunking opponents into pits.

Burst Bomb

The signature move of every alchemist! Blast your way out of danger or over to the game-winning gem! Ever innovating, Mona uses the Burst Bomb’s explosion to leave another bomb in her wake! It’s perfect for stopping recklessly pursuing enemies.

Conjure Potion

Summon a series of falling flasks with a snap!

You get to decide what to brew next! Hold down the subweapon button to conjure increasingly powerful effects. The longer you hold the button, the bigger the explosion (and the better the alchemist!)

Potions Galore!

Green potions are good for getting a quick attack!

Yellow Cluster Potions really ups the explosive ante!

Purple Hazardous Potions creates a really long explosion! Great for guarding or clearing out an area!

Tilt a potion to the side for a surprise attack. You can also send your own potion flying with a slash! Did Mona master these techniques in her part-time minigame job?

Woah! Speaking of minigame experience, take care so that your next big attack doesn’t blow up in your face!

Bringing It All Together

Unlike Plague Knight, Mona doesn’t have a double jump. Instead, use your aerial Cipher Slash and Conjuring to control your fall.

Mix up your potions, and be ready to burst at a moment’s notice to keep opponents on the move! By conjuring a big explosion, you can halt your fall for quite a bit of time…long enough to charge your next Burst Bomb! Master these skills together and you’ll be ready to stage a comeback from even the biggest of hits.

Looking to brush up on potion-brewing? Then we’d recommend a thorough examination of Plague Knight’s own campaign, Plague of Shadows! That concludes today’s alchemical lecture! If you’re ready to learn more about Shovel Knight Showdown, then check out our other character highlights and read up on Showdown’s universal mechanics.