Propeller Knight - Showdown Character Highlight

Cast your gaze this way, lovelies- the captain has arrived! Soaring the skies with saber out, the notorious spin controller will surely “blow away” the competition. En garde!

Cast your gaze this way, lovelies- the captain has arrived! Soaring the skies with saber out, the notorious spin controller will surely “blow away” the competition. En garde!

Propeller Knight

Propeller Knight has an aerial playstyle which focuses on relentless lunges, aggravating opponents by delaying the timing and distance of sequential attacks. Hover out of reach and lunge in to land the perfect critical strike!

Double Jump

It’s easy to see why he rules the skies! Propeller Knight already has a strong initial jump, but he goes above and beyond with an impressive double jump! Magnificent!

Just remember to touch down every now and again to refuel.


Hold jump while in the air and Propeller Knight will begin a gliding descent.

He’s able to move through the air much faster like this, too! Whywalkto a gem when you can fly?!

Sometimes, you’ll want to fly right from the start of a jump. Hold the down direction while jumping and you’ll immediately go into a low altitude glide.

Corkscrew Kick

Maintain aerial dominance with this dashing kick! Propeller Knight revs up before descending downward heel first.

Unlike other dive kicks, you can steer this propeller-powered kick by holding forward or back.

Saber Guard, Strike, and Lunge

That saber isn’t just for show! Press or hold attack to ready your blade.

Release attack and you’ll strike quickly with a short hop.

Hold attack for a moment longer and you’ll notice the saber will gleam. Release and you’ll propel forward with a powerful strike!

You can chain together multiple strikes and lunges in any combination. Use a short hop to position your next long lunge! Delay your timing to keep your dueling partner guessing! This maneuver can be especially effective at baiting an opponent’s parry. You can only perform three strikes (or lunges) before your recovery slows down slightly.

Outside of firing a fleet’s worth of cannonballs, Propeller Knight has never had much of a taste for projectiles. While the saber is at-the-ready, you’ll be able to counter all incoming projectiles…marvelous!

Of course, you can take to the sky with these maneuvers, too! Pierce the heavens as well as your enemies with aerial lunges. You can even move forward and back as you ready your saber this way.


Propeller Knight is really showing us all what a knight with a fan on his helmet can do! With the tilt of his head, he can push or pull enemies around the field.

Sow the seeds of chaos in a crowded fight which, until a moment ago, didn’t even involve you!

Catch an enemy parrying and push them overboard! Anything goes!

You don’t always need to be near a pit. Your blades are quite sharp — more than enough to damage an enemy. While risky, try pulling an opponent in for a hit.

Bringing It All Together

Propeller Knight can be tricky to pin down once he’s in the sky. Combine glides and lunges to zip about the battlefield, and shake off enemies on your tail.

Corkscrew Kick has no recovery once it reaches the ground! Try to land just out of range and launch into your next move.

You normally have to touch solid ground before you can double jump again, but you can also reset your jump by Corkscrew Kicking off an an opponent! Each successful kick will set up another jump, and allow you to extend your air time.

Having your double jump ready is a particularly useful option.  You can cancel out of many attacks and initiate new maneuvers! Here are a few techniques to try:

  • Threaten a saber strike, but then jump at the last moment! Even while in the air!

  • Cancel a lunge into a jump-on hit!

  • Threaten to corkscrew kick, but then change course! … to ready yet another corkscrew kick!

  • Threaten with a saber strike (yet again) and then.. just blow the opponent into a pit!

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