Puzzler's Pack FREE DLC IS OUT NOW

This FREE DLC Pack is OUT NOW!!!!! It includes new playable characters, formidable "Quandary Challenges," neat new Relics, robust run modifiers, and expansive new areas to explore!

Greetings Puzzle-heads!

Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon Puzzler' Pack DLC is out NOW on Nintendo Switch, Steam, PS4, and mobile (via Netflix!) It's completely free for all the folks who have the base game.


Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon and the Puzzler's Pack DLC have been a labor of love for the past 4 1/2 years, filled with dedication, joy, hard work, and a whole lotta meme-ing. Our goal was to create a captivating puzzle game that introduced a fresh experience into the gaming world, and with the Puzzler's Pack, there is a SO MUCH MORE FUN TO BE HAD! We hope you enjoy your puzzling adventure! The new content will go live at 11am PT on June 6th. So, make sure to update your game!

*WARNING THERE ARE SPOILERS AHEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*

If you want a non-spoiler description of the DLC, visit the Puzzler's PACK GAME PAGE! CLICK HERE TO VIEW IT

Delving into the DLC

Here are some details on all the cool content you will encounter in the DLC. Certain sections below contain directions on how to unlock the content. So please keep that in-mind if you want to discover everything yourself!

New Playable Characters

The Hedge Farm

Mr. Hats Shop

Quandary Castle

Marathon Mode

New Features & Quality of Life Improvements

New Relics

New Battles, Boons, and Bosses

How To Play

Need a refresher and/or new to the game? Here's a quick rundown of the basic mechanics to help you succeed in your dungeon-delving adventures.


1. Understanding the Objective

Each dungeon consists of a grid-based layout filled with various objects and enemies. Your objective is to strategically defeat enemies (by chaining together adjacent foes), collect Relics, take down the occasional boss, and ultimately escape the Pocket Dungeon.

2. Familiarize Yourself with the Controls

Before you embark on your dungeon crawling journey, it's essential to familiarize yourself with the game's controls. Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon can be played using either a controller or a keyboard. You can make adjustments in the Options menu!

3. Understanding the Gameplay Mechanics

In Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon, the gameplay revolves around matching and clearing groups of similar objects to attack enemies.

  • Combat: In Pocket Dungeon, you battle enemies by bumping into them. Each attack trades damage so, keep an eye on your health. Make sure to frequently grab potions so you stay in tip top shape!

  • Chains: Chaining allows you to attack multiple matching monsters at once! You can chain together adjacent foes, blocks, & even potions! Some knights, like Shovel Knight, get bonuses for attacking chains!

  • Movement: Time works differently in the Pocket Dungeon! It rushes forward whenever you move, and passes by slowly if you stand still. Enemies & objects will drop at this rate too. Remember, don't rush - take time to plan your next step, but be quick & divisive!

  • Taking Damage: Though damage in Pocket Dungeon is unavoidable, you Each enemy in Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon has unique movement and attack patterns.

  • Strategize & Heal Up: Pay close attention to how enemies behave and plan your moves accordingly. Low on health? Pick up a potion to refill your health! Potions are essential for your survival- you’ll get 2 HP back with every potion, giving you more opportunities to take the offensive!

4. Utilize Special Abilities, Relics, and Items

Special Abilities: In Pocket Dungeon, you'll encounter foes both familiar and new - like the delightfully dandy King Knight! Defeating him will recruit him to the campsite! Switch to play as him by bumping into him twice. Each character has a special ability for you to master!

While everyone is forced to fight for their life in the Pocket Dungeon, at the camp foes become friends.

Relic: Relics give you powerful passive abilities while on a run in Pocket Dungeon. To grab a relic during your run, you'll have to find Chester’s shop mid level and spend some hard earned gems. Make sure you save all you can to afford them- grabbing the right relics to suit your playstyle and needs is key to survival.

Items: The Pocket Dungeon has an arsenal of powerful items to aid you in your quest! Certain items administer their abilities automatically. For example, the Ice Axe will freeze foes as you shovel slash through them. Others, like the Chronos Coin, are executed when you activate it! Items have limited durability, so make the most of them.

5. Have Fun and Experiment

Do not be afraid to delve into different strategies. Try new approaches, mix and match abilities, and discover your unique playstyle! A whole new adventure awaits you!!!!

That's all for now!

This is just the first of three free DLC releases planned for the title, so stay tuned for even more puzzling action!

If you want more details on why we wanted to develop a falling block puzzle game with our friends at VINE, check out this blog post!