Shovel Knight Dig Instruction Manual

Learn all the tips and tricks you need to make it down the well to confront the Hexcavators and reclaim Shovel Knight's stolen treasure!

What is Shovel Knight Dig?

Shovel Knight Dig is a fast-paced roguelite platformer! If you’ve never played Shovel Knight, this is a great place to start digging! If you’re a seasoned player, read on, because things are a little different this time.

The Legend Begins!

Long ago, the lands were untamed, and roamed by legendary adventurers.

Shovel Knight and Shield Knight, at the height of their questing days, have set out in search of their next challenge. Their luck runs out when they cross paths with the renowned criminal leader, Drill Knight, who blasts apart their campsite before escaping underground! 

Realizing even his knapsack was stolen, Shovel Knight is driven to act. With his trusty Shovel Blade in hand, he tunnels downward and discovers far more than just a simple heist!

Getting Started

Profile Select

To begin a new game for the first time, press Start. Your game will begin automatically in Profile Slot 1. Each Profile Slot tracks feats and game progression separately.

You can choose Profile Select to choose another profile, or delete a profile you no longer want.

How to Play

Dig your way down to the bottom of the well, defeat Drill Knight, and recover your bag! If you fall in battle, you’ll reappear to the surface. But don’t be discouraged! Reequip yourself and try again. Every trip down the well will bring you one step closer to your ultimate goal.



Shovel Knight will run left or right.


Shovel Knight will jump! The longer you hold the jump button, the higher he’ll go.

Shovel Drop

When Shovel Knight is falling, he will automatically Shovel Drop! Try bouncing on enemies, objects, and anything you can find!

Dig Slash

Dig dirt, defeat enemies, and unearth treasure. You can Dig Slash while airborne, too. If you hold a direction while Slashing, you will aim and scoot in that direction as you attack.

Talk / Examine

Speak with others or read signs marked with a “...” bubble.

Use Relic

Use your equipped Relic. You’ll need a Relic and some Magic first.

Digging in Dirt

Hold Down, Left, or Right and tap Attack. Shovel Knight will dig through dirt and blocks and move into place as he digs. Carve out a path!


Move the cursor left or right to browse. Purchase with Okay. Go back with Back.

Things in the Well

Omega Saw

The Omega Saw pursues you down the well if you’re too slow! Try to stay one step ahead. But if it does catch up to you, all’s not lost! Try to bounce on its shielding and escape!


These Mysterious signs have got to mean something… 

Golden Gears

It’s critical to collect the golden gears. Get all 3 and cram ‘em into the Drill Capsule!

Drill Capsule

Insert the Golden Gears to receive a reward. If you've grabbed all 3, the capsule will open and reveal a free choice: an accessory or health refill?

Health Upgrade

Get another health bubble!

Magic Upgrade

Get another use of your relic with each level of Magic Upgrade you acquire.


Some are locked and need a key. Some are unlocked and free to open. Some even go flying by on wings! Open them all – there will surely be rewards inside.


Bring an egg to a nest to hatch it. The type of nest determines the creature that will hatch from the egg – just like in real life!


Platters can have food inside. But don’t let your guard down – sometimes it’s a bomb!

False Walls

Try hitting screws, nails, and even tiny little imperfections in the walls to reveal secrets. Sometimes there is a dead giveaway, and sometimes they are really subtle! Smack everything!

Follow Items

  • Some items follow behind Shovel Knight when collected, like eggs and keys. Bring them to where they belong for a reward!

  • But take heed! If you get hit when a Follow Item is following you, it will be knocked away. Go collect it again, if it wasn’t destroyed!

  • You can upgrade the number of items that can follow you at Hoofman’s shop.


  • Relics can be found or purchased in the well.

  • When you pick up a Relic, it will be fully charged with magic. More powerful Relics hold less of a charge, and fewer refills will appear while holding them.

  • By collecting Magic Upgrades, Shovel Knight can get more use out of each Relic before it is depleted.

  • You can unlock more Relics by opening Relic Doors. Speak with Hoofman to learn more.

Here are some Relics you can find!

Flameo Wand

  • Starting MP Max: 10

  • Lob a flaming orb at foes!

Throwing Trowel

  • Starting MP Max: 6

  • Toss a ricocheting trowel

Reverse Exa

  • Starting MP Max: 6

  • Toss a projectile that travels in an arc above you.

War Horn

  • Starting MP Max: 2

  • Clear Space around you with a powerful blow


  • Accessories can be found or purchased in the well. They look like a little bag until you grab them!

  • Accessories do all sorts of useful things! If you want to look further, examine them on the Gear Screen.

  • Tip: The Drill Capsule will award you an accessory if you choose the “?” Option

Here are some of the accessories you can find!

Burrow Horns

Sharpened Horns allow you to headbutt dirt. Enemies will also take damage when you jump up into them!

Inverse Repeller

Magnetizes gems to you, even through dirt!

Spikeproof Sabatons

Provides safe traversal over spikes. Spikes on the ceiling, however, will still damage you.

Platter Charm

Food will appear more often from foes and chests.

Shovel Blade Techniques

  • Master Argus teaches Shovel Blade techniques, for a fee. 

  • Shovel Blade techniques enhance your Shovel Blade in one of four categories: Shovel Drop, Aerial, Attack, and Charge.

  • You must accomplish certain tasks in order for him to teach you more advanced techniques. 

  • These tasks can be found etched into the Shovel Master’s Tombstone. Discover his grave on the surface to learn more.

Gastronomole’s Cooking

Gastronomole keeps you healthy! His cooking can restore your health or even extend it, plus give you a variety of effects!

Here are some special meals you may encounter!

Fortified Roast

Refills all health and grants 3 shields.

Overstuffin’ Muffin

Filling health past max works towards increasing max health.

Blinding Hot Curry

Max health is doubled but health is no longer displayed.

Tom Bola

  • Tom Bola charges you to spin his tombola.

  • You can examine the items before spinning by pressing Examine. 

  • Tip: you can time the tombola if you’re quick! To do it, watch the item order carefully for the item you want, then time it carefully on the next cycle. It takes practice, but it’s worth it!


Watch out for monsters and rival adventurers as you dig. The further down you go, the tougher they get.


Blorb / Blazorb / Spongeblorb / Floorb



Grab Crab

Spin Bug

Drill Stack

On the Surface

On the surface, you can get your bearings, chat with fellow fortune seekers, and re-equip yourself!


This dandy horse sells Relic Keys and Follow Slot Upgrades! If you bring a Relic Key to a Relic Door down the well, you’ll have the opportunity to unlock a brand new Relic.


Once found, the Armorer can craft you new armor, provided you have enough gems.


Chester sells Accessory unlocks! Once unlocked, you can find it in the well. 


Whisker will whisk you down the well to another level, for a fee. You’ll have to see that level first, though. Mraoww!


There’s always a good conversation happening around the campfire. Listen in for tips and lore!

Walter’s Leaderboards

Walter helps out with the leaderboards. Give ‘em a try if you’d like to engage in some friendly competition. There are Daily and Weekly runs available.

Master Argus’ Grave

View this tombstone to see Master Argus’ challenges. Complete them, and he will teach you more Shovel Blade techniques.

Get Armored!

  • Shovel Knight would be able to buy armors... but the Armorer is missing! Find him in the well, then speak to him on the surface!!

  • The Armorer’s inventory can be expanded by finding his missing Armor Templates. Ask him for more details.


Feats are little challenges within the main game. There are many Feats, and some are tough to pull off! You can look at these Feats from the Options menu. Try to accomplish them all and challenge your friends!


Here, you can view your unlocked Relics, Accessories, Armors, and Shovel Blade Techniques. Your total percentage will increase as you see more of the game. Will you go for 100%?

Field Screen

1) Health / Shields
2) Gem Count
3) Magic
4) Relic
5) Gears

Sub Screens


Examine your gear by moving the cursor around.

Progress Marker
Shows how far you are down the well.

Shovel Blade Techniques
Shows your currently equipped Shovel Blade Techniques.

Health Upgrades
Shows your health Upgrades. Each upgrade gives you one bubble.

Magic Upgrades
Shows Magic upgrades. Each gives you one more usage of your relic!

Follow Item(s)
Shows whatever follow items you have.

Your accessories are displayed here.


Quick Restart

Restart the game from the top of the well. When you do this, you’ll lose your gear, and 25% of your gold will be left behind.

Retreat to the Surface

Return to the surface. When you do this, you’ll lose your gear, and 25% of your gold will be left behind.


View your discovered Accessories, Armors, Items, and Shovel Blade Techniques. Why not go for 100%?


View your feats (see FEATS section above)


We added a lot of options so you can adjust the game’s difficulty to your liking.
Feel free to experiment!

  • Screen Shake

  • Extra Health

  • Food Chance

  • Gems Chance

  • Extra Damage

  • Game Speed



  • Edit controller

  • Edit keyboard

  • Controller

  • Confirm / cancel


Adjust the music and sound mix.


Shovel Knight Dig supports over 14 languages! Give them all a try.


Change a variety of video settings. Give them a peruse!

Return to Title Screen

Exit Game

When you exit the game in progress, it will be as if you fell in battle in that spot. Beware!

Secret Tips / Frequently Asked Questions

Get all the Gears

It’s important to get all three gears. Finding one or two will help, but getting a full health refill or accessory from the final gear can make all the difference!

Weigh your risks!

Be thorough, but not too slow. Sometimes it’s better to leave the treasure behind, if the Omega Saw is after you!

Get Back in the Side Rooms

Don’t miss your chances to branch off into side rooms. They often hold important treasures or clues!

Relish Your Relics

Don’t be afraid to experiment with unfamiliar relics, and find new play styles. You may surprise yourself!

Look out for Gastronomole!

Every time you beat a boss, Gastronomole will appear in a side room shortly below. Take a snack break, and restore your health!

Unlock Everything!

Unlocking more relics, accessories, and armors will make your journey more varied, and maybe even less difficult!

Thanks for reading!

We hope you enjoy your adventures down the well in Shovel Knight Dig!