Shovel Knight Dig Update Notes

Delve deeper into the inner workings of Shovel Knight Dig! As we fix bugs, make improvements to the game, or add new features we’ll keep a detailed list of what has changed that will even make Walter proud!

Please note that some of these notes may contain light spoilers to the game!

If you encounter any issues while playing a Shovel Knight game, please contact us at:
[email protected]

Current Version 

Nintendo Switch


Apple Arcade
iPhone: 1.0.0
Mac: 1.0.0
Apple TV: 1.0.0

Version 1.1.0


  • Fix - Misalignment of the icons in the language menu

  • Fix - Sometimes leaderboard scores would report as a 0 score

  • Fix - Sometimes accessories wouldn’t display for leaderboard scores

  • Fix - Gatronomole would sometimes sell duplicate items within the same stage

  • Fix - Drill Knight Elite Guards would sometimes not attack you during an ambush

  • Fix - Adjusted side rooms to prevent softlocks

  • Fix - After purchasing a Relic Key from Hoofman, the game will save the purchase

  • Fix - Localization Bugs

  • Fix - Issues with Fenix Feather causing problem with boss fights under certain conditions

  • Fix - Spore Knight fight now plays correct music track

  • Fix - Fixed a phantom option existing within the options screen on the campfire hub

  • Fix - No longer able to pause the game on the surface when the iris-out effect is active

  • Fix - Autostep no longer disabled when holding the attack button

  • Fix - Altius following you no longer leads to less sideroom variety 

  • Fix - Floating platforms no longer snap into place when returning from a room transition 

  • Fix - Occasions where Altius appears to clip into wall art where treasure chests are placed in tiny rooms. 

  • Fix - For end-area sfx

  • Improvement - Spore Knight boss fight adjustments

  • Improvement - Level design adjustments for Secret Fountain

  • Improvement - Game will now pause if your controller becomes disconnected

  • Improvement - Drill Capsule favors player proximity with long-reaching weapons

Version 1.0.8


  • Fix - Occasional crash when killed by the Omega Saw

  • Fix - Selection box alignment in controller button-binding menu

  • Fix - Too many rats swarming in mushroom ambush room

  • Fix - Falling rocks could sometimes inadvertently kill a swarm of Propeller Rats

  • Fix - Gastronomole, in rare occasions, not appear at his station

  • Fix - Improper scaling on some accessory icons

  • Fix - Troupple Familiar could sometimes be prevented from healing you when interrupted during a heal

  • Fix - Some dialog UI was present even after dialog was complete

  • Fix - Item physics interactions with War Horn

  • Fix - Various soft locks that the player could experience during specific room generations

  • Fix - Instances where only 2 of 3 gold gears would generate in a stage

  • Fix - Localization bugs and improvements to clarify text

  • Fix - Issues with unintended behavior for some relics

  • Fix - Inconsistent leaderboard stage displays

  • Improvement - General level design changes for Magic Landfill

  • Improvement - General level design changes for Smeltworks

  • Improvement - General level design changes for Grub Pit

  • Improvement - General level design changes for Secret Fountain

  • Improvement - Attacking Death Bags will recover them

  • Improvement - Adjusted difficulty for some bosses

  • Improvement - Familiar/Follower movement alignment

  • Improvement - General level design improvements for mini Shovel Knight in Mushroom Mine

  • Improvement - Pause menu navigation and alignment improvements


  • Improved Loading Times and Performance

Version 1.0.0

The release version of the game!