Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon Early Preview Update Notes

Read on for what’s going on within the myriad gears of Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon! Note that a lot of these are minor details for those interested and may even include some light spoilers for the game. We’ll be sure to let you know on our home page whenever we add big new content!

Welcome Pocket Puzzlers! So we hear that you want to delve even further into the Pocket Dungeon and explore the new Puzzler’s Pack DLC early! To access the Early Preview, you will need to switch to a special Steam Branch to access the content.

Friendly reminder! This is an Early Preview of our Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon Puzzler’s Pack DLC! We’re still in the process of ironing out a ton of new features and rolling out fixes! With that in mind, there is a possibility that you’ll run into bugs, crashes, and oddities that you wouldn’t normally encounter in a retail release. So, to avoid any potential mishaps, we recommend that you backup your save files just in-case!

This Early Preview is currently limited to the Steam version of the game. Once the DLC has been polished, and meets the quality bar that we hold ourselves to, we will bring the DLC to consoles. Thank you for your patience!

If you encounter any issues or have any feedback for us reach out to us on our Discord, or email us at [email protected]


New Tinker Knight’s Quandaries

  • “Mobile Gear” Refract Ability Challenge: Collect metal to build and ride mobile gears that attack on their own. If riding a gear, you can also eject out of it to a free space above

  • “Mech Forever” Character Challenge: Starts in mech mode, running out of metal will result in a game over

New Propeller Knight’s Quandaries

  • “Glide Dive” Refract Ability Challenge: Fly up and dive on the highest available space. Your blade charges up by attacking once in each direction.

  • “Boy, It’s Windy!” Character Challenge: A strong wind keeps units from falling down. Units spawn in full rows

New Relic

  • “Underdog Charm”: Extra attack when surrounded


  • Mole Knight B no longer finds fewer potions

  • Using Wildcard on blocks now collects metal for Tinker Knight

  • Added portraits to the quandary portals

  • The star above a quandary portal now spins around every now and then

  • Added a quandary section to the Guidebook

  • “Under the Well” quandary: Rows will try to spawn a minimum of 2 potions per row and units take a turn longer to start falling

  • You can now unlock Refract Abilities for use in Adventure and Versus (not the CPU for now) by beating their quandary

  • Unlocked Refract Abilities available when playing as Random or Shuffle Knight

  • Entering the Quandary Sage’s area with Random Knight will randomize your Knight until you leave the area

  • Somewhat improved chances of finding Knights you have not unlocked yet.

  • Opened the right area of the Castle Quandary

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Random & Shuffle Knight’s birds wouldn’t fly away when moving for the first time in camp

  • Fixed Random & Shuffle Knight always randomizing to Shovel Knight

  • Fixed attacking the Ceiling Crusher with the war horn item would instantly set your HP to zero

  • Fixed Fire & Ice bomb portraits did not have the same position in the guidebook

  • Fixed Gold Leaf Clover spawning more chests than usual (part 2)

  • Fixed Chester’s Map only working for the stage you buy it at

  • Fixed changing characters would not update their skills at camp

  • Fixed Super Skeleton Key not opening Chester’s chests

  • Fixed Ice Axe was using Fire Axe’s portrait

  • Fixed Black Griffoths hurt and idle portraits were swapped

  • Fixed Tinker Knight in mech mode spent two metal per spear attack

  • Fixed invincible Invisishades could receive damage from a chain

  • Fixed Puzzle Knight (boss) would be invincible after respawning once if a totem was in play

  • Fixed Propeller Knight would receive extra damage from chains even inside a smoke screen

  • Fixed Mole Knight B could be holding a white silhouette of a boss during their defeat animation

  • Fixed you could respawn on top of the Shrinemaster, effectively softlocking the game

  • Fixed Puzzle Knight and Mona wouldn’t count for unlocking Random or Shuffle Knight

  • Fixed you could eat cake indefinitely on Bombable Blocks if you couldn’t destroy them

  • Fixed Scrap Slimes had the wrong SFX

  • Fixed Wizzem had the wrong SFX + Added SFX when they teleport away

  • Fixed an attack SFX would play when moving through the hub or entering portals

  • Fixed that making a boss jump out when they are idling would reset or freeze the boss phase order

  • Fixed Puzzle Knight’s hurt portrait had a chunk of his hat always in the default color

  • Fixed existing keys would not turn red after acquiring Super Skeleton Key

  • Fixed poison bombs would not upgrade to their Too Big Bomb version

  • Fixed you couldn’t lose to a full board during the Under the Well Quandary

  • Fixed a rare issue in which Scrap Knight (boss) could jump inside column crushers and softlock the game

  • Fixed some bosses would jump more than they should in their jumping phases

  • Fixed crash when a unit jumped to a spot where a boss is dashing

Note: Due to an error on Mac + Steam, save data will have to be stored on a local, non-Steam folder. You can backup your save data by:

Copying it from this location:

admin/Library/Application Support/Steam/userdata/[userid]/1184760/

To this location:

admin/Library/Application Support/Yacht Club Games/Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon/

We apologize for the inconvenience but will notify you in a future patch update once this is addressed. Your save data can be resumed on the local file and then transferred back to the Steam save data location when Steam support is re-enabled.

Version Update Notes



EP.1.1 - 2.0.0

EP.1 - 2.0.0

How to access the Early Preview

To access the Puzzler’s Pack DLC: Early Preview, you must own Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon and have it in your Steam library!

Once you have purchased the game, follow these steps to switch to the Beta branch of the game:

1) Right-click on Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon from within your Library and select Properties

2) Select the “Betas” tab.

3) Enter the password "PuzzleProdigy21" and select “Check Code”
A blue button that says “Opt into: early-preview - Puzzler’s Pack DLC” should appear. Click this button

4) The game should update with the Early Preview branch and should now say [early-preview] after the Pocket Dungeon title in your steam library

Returning to the Main Game Branch

You can switch back to the normal game at any time! If you wish to switch back to Pocket Dungeon without the early-preview content , follow these instructions:

1) Navigate back to the “Betas” tab by right clicking Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon in your steam library and going to:
Properties > Betas

2) In the dropdown menu you will see two Options:

  1. None

  2. Early-preview

3) Select “none” to go back to the base game

How to backup your save file

If you wish to back up your steam save file just in case, open a File Explorer window and type the following into the address bar:

%appdata%\Yacht Club Games\Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon

You will see a folder with a set of numbers. Copy the folder, and save it in a different location on your computer. This is the backup of your save file!

If your save data ever gets corrupted, and Steam Cloud doesn’t restore it properly, you can copy and paste your backup folder into this directory to restore your save file.