The Enchantress - Showdown Character Highlight

Kneel and bow to the malevolent orchestrator of the unforeseen, the Enchantress. You haven’t the slightest hope of defeating her, but you’re welcome to dance together into the abyss!

Kneel and bow to the malevolent orchestrator of the unforeseen, the Enchantress. You haven’t the slightest hope of defeating her, but you’re welcome to dance together into the abyss!

The Enchantress

The Enchantress is able to let loose a relentless barrage of projectiles with great precision. Through mastery of each move’s unique cadence, she can effortlessly float and weave through any arena.


Always one to make a grand entrance on her own terms! Continue holding Jump while in the air to go into a slow fall.

Magic Shot

Press Attack to conjure and casting forth a mass of magic energy! You can fire straight ahead, or hold up/down to fire at a fixed angle.

These mystic shots are formed from a powerful energy, so firing one will result in a slight amount of kickback for Enchantress. This can be a little scary at first, but learn to go with the flow and you can soon harness this motion to your advantage.

This attack works best in pairs of two! You can fire off a second fireball much sooner by pressing Attack again. You can also re-aim the next projectile wherever you want! Use this to really focus fire a single enemy, or lay waste to multiple enemies at once with a series of shots!

Dark Strafe

An unusual mobility skill. Is this a long forgotten magic or part of her own unique mastery of the craft? Hold Attack to charge, then release to pulse forward in a direction. Try holding different movement directions to take off upward, backward, and even diagonally too!

Dark Strafe is for maneuvering only. Follow it with other moves to really see its power!

Don’t let your malicious flame become extinguished. You can only perform two strafes before needing to touch down on the ground and recompose yourself.

Scream Dash

Firing from a distance, levitation… that’s all well and good, but there comes a time when you are finally ready to bare your fangs and strike. Press Special to lunge forward in an aggressive Scream Dash. You can travel upward or downward, and flip left and right, by holding in a direction.

This attack also works better in pairs. You can chain a second Scream Dash much faster by beginning it before the first one ends. Catch those fools offguard by cutting a wicked path through the sky.

Bringing It All Together

Landing a hit as the Enchantress requires both strong timing and spacing. Her moveset is not expansive, and so you’ll need to weave everything together in one elaborate dance.

Dark Strafe also readies your next projectile, meaning that a Magic Shot will startup muich faster. In addition, you will not receive the normal kick back from each shot. Don’t think about Dark Strafe as a way to get from one point to another, think of it as a way to line up your next perfect projectile and to move while attacking. Use it to evade a melee strike, and attack from a distance Or to cover your approach, all while continuously moving toward your goal.

If the situation changed mid flight and a strafe isn’t going as expected, you can cancel into Scream Dash to correct on the fly.

The Enchantress isn’t very powerful while on the ground, as you have a limited angles of attack for all of your moves. Make good use of Hover and Scream Dash to keep high and out of reach, and cast a disdainful glare over the imbeciles below.

One thing to be extra careful of is your limited use moves! When chaining Scream Dash, Hover, and Dark Strafe you might feel like you can stay in the air forever! However, there are limits to how often you can use each move. Make sure you are not caught unprepared at a critical moment, or it may very well spell certain defeat.

Well, that’s enough for now. Oh, do you think we’ve been too forthcoming in sharing our plans? That’s because we know you recognize true power! If you’re ready to serve the Enchantress, then you can begin by scouting out the other character highlights to see if anyone might be fit to join her Order of No Quarter.