Beefto's Valentine Rescue (SKPD In-Game Event!)

Embark on a card-tastic quest with your pal, Beefto (he’s a really buff Beeto) to retrieve his lost valentines! Help him by collecting them on your run but be warned…others want them for themselves!!!!! This heart-filled & free in-game event lasts for only a week, so, make sure to dig into the fun! This free in-game event starts on 02/14 - 02/22!

Last Valentine’s Day, we gave Beetos a beet-down, but this year, we're turning over a new leaf. Let's spread love in the Pocket Dungeon instead of squishing bugs....

The in-game event focuses on your pal, Beefto (a really buff Beeto). He accidentally misplaced all of his Valentine’s Day cards (probably during his workout!) It’s up to you to help him and save Valentine’s Day! But be warned….others covet them as well!

This heartfelt & free in-game event lasts for 8 days and there are 12 Valentines to collect. Players will be able to view their collection in the Extras section of their GuideBook.

The event is only accessible on the Steam version of the game as Mod Support is a PC-only feature. The event formally starts at midnight on February 14th PT (but might start earlier depending on your timezone). It will end on February 22, 2024 at 12pm PT.

This event utilizes Mod Support features in our upcoming DLC, the Paradox Pack. You'll have to enable the Early Preview version to participate in the event!

Step 1:

Have Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon in your Steam Library! (The Paradox Pack DLC is FREE!)


Step 2:

Enable Early Preview Beta Branch (CLICK HERE FOR A QUICK GUIDE)

Step 3:

Visit the Workshop tab on Pocket Dungeon's Community Steam Page and subscribe to our “Beefto’s Valentine Rescue” Mod.

(Click here to visit steam workshop)

Step 4:

Start up the game! Once on the title screen, select Mod Support and Enable the Mod.

Step 5:

Once it is Valentine's Day in your time zone, the event will unlock. We hope you enjoy your Valentine's Day adventure!


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Join your mysterious guide, Puzzle Knight, as you shovel through scads of foes, procure new equipment, and battle bosses both familiar and new. Explore a tale with endless twists and turns, quest as your favorite heroes, and even challenge a friend for a fast-paced, head-to-head competition in Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon! The puzzling action expands with the Paradox Pack DLC. It is currently only available as an Early Preview on Steam. 

Though this event is only on Steam, the base game is also available on Nintendo Switch and PS4/PS5!

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