Interview Process

Here at Yacht Club Games we aim to have our processes be as transparent and inclusive as possible. To do that, we have outlined our interview process below so you can be aware of what to expect.

Initial Interview

The initial interview involves a conversation (usually a video call) with the hiring manager and colleague(s) for the role. Our interviewers are friendly and supportive, creating an environment where you can feel relaxed and at ease.

This interview is a conversation about getting to know you better, understanding your abilities and experience to see how it’s relevant to the role, and what you're looking for in your next role. We want to make sure there's a good fit for both sides!

To ensure fairness and consistency, all candidates for a specific role are asked the same set of questions. These questions are carefully designed to assess candidates' skills and competencies accurately.

Second Interview

If the hiring manager and colleague(s) believe you have the relevant skills and knowledge for the position, you’ll meet with at least two additional colleagues, usually from other teams.

It’s similar to the initial interview but introducing more perspectives from people outside the immediate team you’d be working with to reduce bias. Our aim is to conduct thorough interviews that promote fairness, consistency, and a positive experience for all candidates.

Follow Up Materials & References

We don’t do on-the-spot challenges or tests during interviews. We want you to feel comfortable and be your best self.

After completing both interviews, there's a chance we may request materials such as samples, demos, videos, or assign you a take-home test. But don't worry, it's normally not part of the process, and if it is, it's usually the last step.

Finally, we may then ask you to provide us with references. We do this to validate candidate information, confirming your suitability for the role, and ensure a positive cultural fit. This practice strengthens our ability to make well-rounded and informed hiring decisions.

After the Interviews

Our structured process allows us to make hiring decisions as quickly as we reasonably can, but because we are such a small studio, this can sometimes take longer depending on our bandwidth.

We truly believe in providing a great employee experience from the very beginning of the hiring process, that's why we're always striving to improve it.

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